Gateway setup


Congratulations on the purchase of your new XANDEM HOME or PRO system! This page will guide you through the setup process.


If possible, choose a location for your gateway that is central to the area you want to cover with your XANDEM system. This will allow it to “hear” the signals from the nodes. Place your gateway at least 4-5 feet away from your wifi router to limit interference.


Connect your XANDEM gateway to your router/internet connection using an Ethernet cable, then plug in the power cable.  For fastest results, plug in the Ethernet cable in first, before you power-up the device.


Wait 1-2 minutes for the Gateway to boot up. The LED on the Gateway will go dim white, then turn off for about 5 seconds, then go bright light-blue when it is fully booted.


When you need to turn your Gateway off, avoid pulling the power abruptly. Instead, hold the power button on the front of the gateway firmly for 10 seconds.



Activate your system

To activate your system, please go to: https://app.xandem.com/#/activate


Once your system has been activated, you can access it at any time via https://app.xandem.com. It might be helpful to create a bookmark on your phone and desktop for quick access.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchased your system prior to November 10, 2018, you’ll need to activate your system at https://cloud.xandem.com/#/activate. Run the update to the latest software version, and then you will be able to access your system via https://app.xandem.com. Please email us at info@xandem.com if you need any assistance with migrating your system to the new servers.



Watch the quick-start video


Node installation

Plug each of the nodes into wall outlets around your space. All nodes from your kit must be plugged in for the system to work at peak performance.

For best results, make sure that the nodes remain 1-4 feet off the floor. Avoid placing nodes behind large metal objects.

Make sure to take note of where you place each node. The number label is on the back of the node. 

If your area is an “L” shape, avoid placing nodes where the lines connecting two nodes will cross through the outside of the area.

Draw your map

Log in to your XANDEM account via https://app.xandem.com. Click the link that says “SET UP YOUR MAP” on the default screen. Draw your map by dragging your mouse to draw lines. Drag each of the nodes to the correct location, making sure to match the number of each node to the correct location. If you need to edit your map later, you can do so under the “settings” icon that looks like a gear.

Test your system

Test your system by walking around and verifying that motion is detected correctly. If things don’t appear to be working well, see the troubleshooting section below.

Install mobile apps

XANDEM apps are available on iOS and Android, and you can access the web app via a browser on both desktop/laptop and mobile.

Set up notifications and other rules

The Rules Engine allows you to automate actions based on movement in your space. The engine follows a “TRIGGER(s) -> CONDITION(s) Check -> Take ACTION(s)” flow. First you choose what you want to trigger the rule, then you add the conditions that need to be met in order for the actions to be executed. If the conditions pass after the trigger(s), the actions are taken. Conditions can also be nested!

Here’s a simple example: let’s say you want to sound the siren and send a message if someone comes into your space while the system is armed.

TRIGGER: Motion starts

CONDITION: System is in armed state

ACTIONS: Sound the Siren, Send Email

A more sophisticated example would be to notify someone if no movement is detected by 9 AM. This could be used for elder care or for managers of stores/offices.

TRIGGER: Time of Day is 9AM

CONDITION: Time since motion is greater than 12000 seconds (a few hours)

ACTIONS: Sound the Siren, Send Email

Be creative and create other useful rules that may be helpful to you.

Siren/audio setup

If you would like to use the siren features of your XANDEM system, plug any powered speaker into the audio jack on the back of your Gateway. You can use an inexpensive computer speaker, or you can connect it to a sophisticated audio/PA system.


In the case of poor performance, please try the following.

Check the “Diagnostics” page in the user interface. If any nodes are “out,” they are either not powered on, or they are too far from the Gateway and other nodes. If the network connectivity is consistently low (below 65%), try the following.

  1. Make sure the location of the nodes in your map match where you actually placed them (the node number labels are on the back of the nodes).

  2. Move your gateway away from your wireless router to avoid interference.

  3. Move your gateway closer to the nodes, preferably on the same floor.

  4. Raise the height of nodes that have poor connectivity.

  5. Shrink the size of the detection area by moving nodes closer together.

  6. Email us at info@xandem.com if you need help.

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