Become a Reseller

Xandem Reseller ImageXandem focuses on our core sensing technology. Our engineers are highly specialized, and we are constantly innovating through rigorous research.Your organization has customers in particular applications with specific needs, and you can take advantage of Xandem's technology and expertise by becoming a reseller. Xandem can help your organization deliver cutting-edge sensing solutions in many applications.

Xandem resellers receive the following benefits:

  • Pricing discounts to increase your margins
  • Valuable training resources
  • Premium support from Xandem engineers
  • Early access to future versions of products

If you are interested in these and other benefits, please apply to our reseller program and purchase a TMD Demo Kit to get started with the technology.

Xandem takes the same approach to solving challenges in both technology and partnerships. Individuals are limited, but harnessed together in a network, we can achieve powerful solutions.