Mountain Alarm is now offering installation and servicing of Xandem TMD systems

Mountain Alarm LogoMountain Alarm, a division of Fire Protection Service Corporation, announced today that they are partnering with Xandem Technology, a Utah startup company based in Salt Lake City, to make Tomographic Sensing Detection (TMD) available to commercial and residential customers throughout the Intermountain West. TMD is created by installing a network of wireless ‘nodes’ that sense motion within a specified area and send a signal back to a receiver at the security panel. Unlike current infrared motion sensors or beam sensors, TMD does not require a direct line of site in order to detect movement and register an alarm. TMD sensors can be placed in cabinets or even built into the walls without degrading the detection sensitivity.

Mountain Alarm deployed one of the first Xandem TMD networks in 2011 at a warehouse facility for a client in which other detection technologies were ineffective. “The harsh environment, temperature changes, large coverage area and equipment blocking the line of site created a very difficult challenge in which other devices would easily false alarm”, said Brad Nye, General Manager for Mountain Alarm Northern Utah. “The Xandem TMD solution was easy to install, offers complete and reliable coverage, and hasn’t resulted in a single false alarm.” The warehouse facility manager stated, “Our company has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from break-ins to our warehouses in the past. Since installing Xandem’s TMD technology, all further break-ins have been halted. TMD was the only solution available that gave us reliable and complete coverage with its ‘see-through’ capabilities.” To view a video regarding this warehouse deployment, visit