Industrial Shop and Warehouse Security - Brahma Inc.

Mountain AlarmThe Brahma Group is an industrial engineering and construction company based in Salt Lake City, UT. After losing hundreds of thousands of dollars from theft, Brahma's security company Mountain Alarm installed a Xandem TMD system in a particularly problematic warehouse. Since then, all break-ins have been halted and the sensor has not had any false alarm issues.

“Our company has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from break-ins to our warehouses in the past. Since installing Xandem’s TMD technology, all further break-ins have been halted. TMD was the only solution available that gave us reliable and complete coverage with it’s ‘see-through’ capabilites.”
-Randy Max, Warehouse Manager, Brahma Group Inc

The problem

Brahma stores expensive assets and materials in their warehouses. Due to the nature of the industrial construction business, these warehouses are large, exposed, dirty, and difficult to protect. Traditional PIR sensors are sensitive to heat, so they are very problematic in exposed environments like an industrial warehouse, even when combined with microwave in a dual-tech setup. Beam detectors cover only a single line of detection, so the area remains vulnerable to through-wall/ceiling break-ins, a surprisingly common occurrence. Neither PIR sensors or photoelectric beam detectors can see through obstructions, so in environments where equipment and machines are constantly moving their detection capabilities are very limited. Furthermore, dirty environments cause problems for these sensors and must be manually cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

The Solution

Xandem's tomographic motion detectors provide an extremely powerful security solution for warehouses and industrial areas. Nodes are concealed around the perimeter of the warehouse. They form a through-obstruction sensing web that covers the entire area of interest. If shelves, equipment, boxes, or other obstructions are in the way, it's no problem, the system will still detect a person moving inside the area. Since Xandem's synergistic sensing technology is not sensitive to heat, rodents, dust, and sunlight, false alarms are drastically reduced. With Xandem TMD, there is no need to clean or maintain the devices when they become dirty.

The Results

Before Xandem TMD was installed, Brahma lost approximately $250,000 in regular break-ins to their warehouses. They attempted to use infrared detectors only to find that they were prone to false alarms and extremely limited in their detection coverage. After TMD was installed, all further break-ins have been halted, and there have been no false alarms. The system continues to detect well, even after major dirt buildup and relocation of shelves and large equipment.

Dirty motion detector
This is a Xandem node installed inside a Brahma warehouse. The severe buildup of dirt and dust does not affect Xandem TMD.