Discover Magazine - X-Ray Vision Is So 20th Century

Xandem's technology was featured in the May 2010 Print Edition of Discover Magazine in an article entitled X-Ray Vision Is So 20th Century.

Xandem featured media."Researchers are building new systems that see through walls using radiation that's a lot safer than X-rays."

"At the University of Utah, engineer Neal Patwari and doctoral candidate Joey Wilson [Xandem founders] are using radio waves to see through obstacles. Their network of radio transceivers measures the signal strength to reveal the locations of people or objects in the area. The system can find targets in the dark and through walls, smoke, or trees. Patwari and Wilson are currently working to expand the transceivers’ range, currently 50 feet. For now the detector can follow only a single individual, Patwari says, “but we will soon be able to track multiple people or objects and tell the difference between them.” The technology could find applications in fire rescues, hostage situations, and border security."