Burglar evades pharmacy motion detectors by cutting through wall

Through-wall break-ins are becoming increasingly common as burglars learn to evade traditional motion sensors. This particular story involved the theft of a significant amount of drugs from a pharmacy. The problem started with a criminal entering an adjacent space who then cut through a particular part of the wall to reach access to the pharmacy. Since traditional motion sensors like passive infrared (PIRs) and beams cannot see through obstructions, the intruder was then free to move about the area without being detected. With Xandem TMD, more complete and reliable coverage could have been accomplished because it senses through and around obstructions. The entire area is covered, not just a small area that is limited by line-of-sight.

"UNITY, Maine — Police are looking for a man who cut a hole in the side of the Unity Pharmacy early Sunday and stole enough prescription painkillers to fill his backpack.

The man used basic cutting tools to get through the pharmacy’s exterior siding and wall at about 2 a.m. and managed to bypass the store’s motion alarms for about 20 minutes while he stole drugs, according to Maine State Police Trooper Bethany Robinson."

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