We're excited to announce that Xandem will be releasing a new product that both detects and locates people without requiring them to carry any device. It’s easily configured via a rich user interface over a LAN connection. Developers can use the TMDL APIs to build their own products and applications. Xandem’s TMDL cloud service enables remote connectivity and other powerful features.

Best Uses

Building and home automation
In-home elder care
Tactical through-wall tracking
User-developed applications

If you missed us at CEDIA 2014, watch this video for a quick virtual tour of our booth.

Xandem was recently named one of the top three hardware startups at the 2014 Solid Conference by O'Reilly. Stay tuned for some amazing new developments coming soon!

The National Science Foundation recently put together a video tour of Xandem at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 2014.

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