Virtual Tour of our booth at CEDIA 2014 [Video]

If you missed us at CEDIA 2014, watch this video for a quick summary.

Xandem named finalist at Solid 2014 Conference

Xandem is excited to have been named a finalist at the 2014 Solid Conference by O'Reilly. If you're in San Francisco on May 21-22, join us for an awesome demo at the conference!

National Science Foundation tours Xandem's booth at CES 2014 [Video]

The National Science Foundation recently put together a video tour of Xandem at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 2014. See the video below.

New Product Sneak Peak at CES 2014 in Las Vegas on January 7-10

Xandem is excited to provide a sneak peak into two new products under development at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7-10. Come visit us at Eureka Park booth #74406 for some amazing new demonstrations! The sneak peak includes:

TMD Version 2!

Our tomographic motion detection product (TMD) is a huge hit with our customers, but we're not stopping there. New features include:

  • A powerful new web and mobile interface capable of real time monitoring and text/email alerts
  • Easy adjustment of sensitivity and other parameters right from your phone or web
  • Five minute do-it-yourself installation of nodes
  • Data logging, visualization, and error reporting via the web interface
  • All of the powerful features from TMD version 1

Through-Wall SWAT location tracking

Xandem's research team has been hard at work developing a new system for SWAT teams to safely locate the position of people on the inside of a building. This amazing new product literally senses through the entire floor plan of a typcial home to give commanders a real time tool for critical decisions. Come watch one of the most exciting and interesting technologies at CES!

Xandem TMD wins "CE Pro Best" Product award

CE Pro BestWe’re excited to announce that Xandem was awarded the CE Pro - Best Electronics Technologies award at CEDIA 2013 in Denver! For those of you who didn’t get a chance to visit us at CEDIA, no problem… check out the video below for a quick tour.

Visit Xandem at CEDIA 2013 in Denver, CO on September 26-28

CEDIA Hidden GemsXandem will be an exhibitor at the 2013 CEDIA Expo on September 26-28, 2013 in Denver, CO. We're excited to show off our tomographic motion detection (TMD) systems during a continuous live demonstration at booth #3930.

Xandem TMD is the most powerful and aesthetic (completely hidden) motion sensing system on the market. It installs inside walls or behind furniture, can see through walls and obstructions, provides unbeatable full-coverage sensing, and is very immune to false triggering. Your clients will never have to look at an ugly motion detector again! Applications include high-end automation, control, energy efficiency and security.

CEPro has identified Xandem as a "Hidden Gem" for the show. Check out the article here.

Xandem Releases Unbeatable Full Coverage Solution to Security Industry with Market Ready Tomographic Motion Detection Demo Kit

Tomographic Motion Detection (TMD) Technology Critical for Securing
High Value Assets, Dirty Environments and Aesthetically Sensitive Areas

LAS VEGAS (April 10, 2013) -- Today at the International Security Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas (ISC West), Xandem released the security industry’s most advanced install-ready technology for full coverage protection. Until now the company’s Tomographic Motion Detection (TMD) has gained wide acclaim for its innovation but has not been widely available for installation. Immediately available is the Xandem TMD Demo Kit complete with Nexus 7 visualization tablet that simplifies sales, installation and exploration of the new technology for $1495. Once a demo kit is purchased resellers are offered wholesale pricing structures based on reseller activity. Those interested in purchasing a TMD Demo Kit can contact us or purchase it online here.

Xandem’s Tomographic Motion Detection offers unbeatable full coverage security that detects movement through walls and solves industry-wide gaps in dirty and cluttered environments, high value asset protection and aesthetically sensitive areas. The technology was created by Dr. Joey Wilson and Dr. Neal Patwari at the University of Utah and offers a totally new way to detect movement through radio wave synergistic sensing. TMD is easily integrated into standard panel equipment for new and existing alarm, automation, and energy efficiency systems.

“Since the inception of the technology we have heard from leaders in the security industry who have been anxious to implement TMD for their customers who need full coverage protection,” said Xandem founder and CEO Dr. Joey Wilson. “These companies and many others are finding the new TMD Demo Kit to offer the solution for immediate installation in dirty environments, high value asset protection and places where security hardware must be hidden to overcome inside knowledge or simply for aesthetics.”

Resellers and security installation companies will find Xandem’s TMD Demo Kit to bridge the gap between concept and reality for their customers. As a sales tool the kit allows professionals to powerfully and quickly demonstrate Tomographic Motion Detection to potential customers onsite. Once the customer is ready for installation the kit offers installers instant feedback to ensure problems are corrected before permanent installation. And finally, the kit offers experimentation tools to test particular setups to ensure that the technology offers a permanent solution to a particular application.

TMD technology uses wireless networks that penetrate through solid materials making the system successful even when the devices are placed behind walls, furniture, and other obstructions. It is unlike traditional microwave sensors in that the sensing does not depend on radio wave reflections. The tomographic sensing comes from communicating nodes in a mesh network that sense disruption to the waves as they pass through a defined area.

“The hidden and detect-through-walls aspects of this technology make TMD the right solution for many hard to secure areas,” says Wilson. “In security systems, an intruder cannot scope vulnerabilities at a target site since the devices are inside walls or other enclosures. In addition, those with inside knowledge cannot beat the system because of the multiple-node sensing is foolproof. Furthermore, since the system penetrates solid objects, the entire floor plan or area can be covered without gaps. In building automation and energy efficiency applications, Xandem’s system is much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional motion sensors.

Wilson also believes the technology can be used in non-traditional ways. “The uses of this technology are endless. Since our system can quantify motion, our systems can detect the difference between a single intruder and a crowd of people. When parents leave their kids at home, they can be notified if a party is occurring. This is just one example of how Xandem is enabling powerful new applications.”

Visit us at ISC West in Las Vegas April 10th-12th

Xandem at ISC WestXandem is excited to be an exhibitor at the International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC West) in Las Vegas on April 10-12, 2013. Please stop by booth 2041 and let us get to know you!

Xandem’s booth will provide a continuous live demonstration of TMD, our cutting-edge motion sensing technology. The demo will feature:

Through-Wall: TMD sees through walls and obstructions

Complete Coverage: TMD senses motion over entire areas, not just perimeters or trip lines.

Hidden: TMD remains completely invisible from view and can be embedded inside walls, behind furniture or inside opaque enclosures.

Undefeatable: TMD cannot be blocked or masked.

Immune: TMD is not triggered by temperature, light, small movements, insects, dust, and falling debris.

Plug and Play: TMD is easily integrated with standard panel equipment through normally-closed dry contacts.

KUTV News: Utah startup Xandem creates state-of-the-art security system [Video]

(KUTV) The point of a security system is to keep crooks away, but despite the latest technology no system seems to be 100% foolproof. However, one Utah entrepreneur disagrees.

Peak Alarm now offering installation and servicing of Xandem TMD

Peak AlarmXandem is proud to announce that Peak Alarm Company is now offering installation and servicing of Xandem TMD as an official reseller.

Please see the following video to learn how Peak Alarm is protecting a high-risk jeweler and pawn facility. A case study of this installation is available.

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