Powerful Xandem Applications


Xandem’s technology is the ultimate in security sensing. It covers large areas, remains totally hidden, can't be blocked or fooled, and even detects motion through walls and obstructions.

Xandem Security


Knowledge about where people are is essential for automation in smart buildings and homes. Xandem products provide this knowledge to systems that control lights, appliances, and HVAC units.

Xandem Automation

Elder Care

Elder care systems based on Xandem products monitor motion over the entire home. The system remains completely hidden and the patient does not need to wear a device.


Build Your Own

Developers and integrators can use Xandem products to build exciting and innovative applications. Make Xandem the motion sensing engine of your next product.




XANDEM HOME is a powerful monitoring system for your home that you can install yourself in minutes. Use it for security, energy savings, elder/family care, and more.

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Xandem TMD is a detection-only system that integrates with standard alarm and automation panels. It remains completely hidden, and can handle harsh environments where traditional motion detectors fail. TMD is available for purchase and shipping now.

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TMDL is an upcoming product that not only detects motion, it locates it. Build your own products and applications via the TMDL API and hardware integration options.

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"Imagine a real-life version of Harry Potter's magical Marauder's Map, which showed the location of everyone prowling throughout Hogwarts castle. That's what startup Xandem is building: a new kind of all-seeing motion-detection system that's poised to shake up the security market."

CNN Money

Superman had X-ray vision, which was useful for looking through walls when rescuing heroines and collaring villains. But beyond Hollywood, the best that engineers have been able to come up with to see inside buildings are devices that use radar. But the best models cost more than $100,000, so they are not widely deployed. Now a team led by [Xandem Founders] has come up with a way to peer through the walls of a building using a network of little radios.

The Economist

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"Xandem was created to produce radio tomography products. For example, as an intelligent alarm system, the radio transmitters could be installed inside the walls of a home. If an intruder enters the house, the system could inform the owner via a mobile phone. The police could be informed as to the location of the intruders."

Der Spiegel (Translated)