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A XANDEM system detects and locates the movement of people for the purposes of security, automation, elder care, and more. 

Small devices called nodes are placed around the home or business. The nodes form an invisible sensing web that travels through walls and furniture. When a person moves, the motion is not only detected, it's located.

The XANDEM app allows users to monitor the motion in real-time, and can take action based on certain events. For example, sound a siren and send a notification if a break-in occurs.



XANDEM covers your entire space, providing a level of security that traditional sensors and cameras can't match.


XANDEM enables families to monitor the well-being of loved ones without requiring them to wear devices.


XANDEM detects when and where people move so that your home or business can conserve energy and make your life easier.


Have your own ideas about how to use XANDEM? Take advantage of our APIs to build your own applications.


XANDEM's technology senses through walls and furniture. It covers your entire space to give you better security/monitoring, smarter automation, and safer elder care.



Check up on elderly loved ones who live alone

Keep an eye on your rental properties without violating privacy

Watch where workers in your home go, and for how long

See how long potential buyers spend in a home you're selling

Monitor how long kids spend in front of the TV or at the computer


Sound a siren and send notifications if a break-in happens

Shut down lights to save energy if a home is vacant

Turn on lights and HVAC when you get home

Send a text message when kids get home from school

Send a notification if a crowd has gathered in your home



Homeowners can easily install the system themselves. Just plug in the gateway and nodes, plug in the gateway, draw your map, drag the nodes to where you put them, and access from your phone! XANDEM also offers options for businesses and professional installations.

"Imagine a real-life version of Harry Potter's magical Marauder's Map, which showed the location of everyone prowling throughout Hogwarts castle. That's what startup XANDEM is building: a new kind of all-seeing motion-detection system that's poised to shake up the security market."

-CNN Money (read article)